My Sister’s Story – Adoption & Reunion: Part 4–Reunion


How do you tell your 79-year-old mother that she now has three children–and two more grandchildren—to buy birthday, Christmas, and Chanukah gifts for?

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My Sister’s Story – Adoption & Reunion: Part 4–Reunion

2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Story – Adoption & Reunion: Part 4–Reunion”

  1. What a lovely story!! The most wonderful part is that this is a true story and tolld by you with so much caring and love. Thank you so very much. Wonder what the epilogue will say?


    1. I’m so happy that you like the way your story reads in print. Writing it helped to absorb all my waiting hours before the big day tomorrow. The epilogue will be a brief update and some of my recollections and thoughts. Then . . . onward. Love…


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