My Story – Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer: A Glowing Valentine’s Day, 02/14/2014

Valentine, You Make Me Glow This year, Mother Nature will be my Valentine . . .

she wants me to glow on Friday.

Yes, Mother Nature is stronger than numerology. Or is she? My third and final vaginal radiation (brachytherapy) treatment was scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, February 13–two months from the date of my hysterectomy. But December 13 was a Friday, so maybe it’s the day of the week, rather than the date, that is significant for me. And, looking more closely, I see a symmetrical pattern of what may be lucky 2’s and 4’s: February 14, 2014 = 02/14/2014. Mother knows best.

Anyway, I will be spending V-Day with Big Mama, who has other plans for us on the East Coast tomorrow. So much devastating weather this winter has pummeled us, especially those in the south who are unused to such meteorological brutality and the perils of ice storms. Here in the northeast, inaptly named Winter Storm Pax is expecting to dump a wintry mix and up to 18 inches of snow in some places on top of the snow and ice that’s still out there from several previous storms. Worries about transportation are only slightly more pressing that concerns about power outages. In these frigid temperatures (it is 19 degrees on Wednesday morning as I write this), so many people are more than inconvenienced–they are endangered.

My hope for us all is that we stay safe and intact through what’s coming tomorrow.

And I wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day on Friday: may 02/14/14 be glowing.

P.S. Special thanks to Sharyn for her intrepid support and willingness to transport me to the hospital on Friday. And much appreciation to Pat, Susan, and Cyrus for their past help and support.

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