Life Giveth, Life Taketh Away . . . and It Giveth Again

Spiral Clock

All things exist . . . somewhere in the misty, mysterious spiral of time.

Five years ago today, August 15, 2009, a Saturday, I met my sister for the first time after a 50-year separation. My Sister’s Story – Adoption & Reunion tells it all.

A year later, on that same Saturday, I visited my friend for the last time at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. She died just weeks later. My Friend’s Story – Leukemia relates a bit about our 50-year friendship and the powerful connection my friend had with my sister.

Yesterday, I posted My Son’s Father’s Story – Lung Cancer. He never knew my sister, but he did know my friend, back in a time when we were young.

After a week in which I’ve contemplated personal loss (as well as the precariousness of my own health), and a week in which the world lost two luminaries, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, it bears remembering that we live in a circle of life. Honoring my former husband and our son, his legacy . . . keeping in touch with my friend’s expanding family, her legacy . . . finding a sister after half a century of separation, destiny’s legacy . . . all are happy reminders of the cycle of birth, death, and life again.

These personal stories interconnect in a deeply meaningful way that, to me, seems cosmic . . . somewhere in the misty, mysterious spiral of time.

6 thoughts on “Life Giveth, Life Taketh Away . . . and It Giveth Again”

  1. Pam, your life stories are simultaneously amazing, heart rending, and heart warming! I want to tell you something that I hope others have told you, but I know from having worked with you. You are a tower of strength! It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with you.


    1. Jim,

      I was so pleasantly surprised to get your comment. It’s hard to know who reads these posts or how they react to them, so when someone so kindly sends a supportive comment, it is very encouraging.

      Life presents all of us with so many challenges. The only way to manage them gracefully is by living meaningfully with others. I am no tower of strength, but something does keep impelling me forward.

      Likewise, I enjoyed working with you and hope you are doing well. I wish very much to find rewarding work again, as well as spirited co-workers who make working the joy that it should be.

      Best wishes to you. And thank you for being so thoughtful.



  2. This was so well done. Amazing to me to read what your thoughts are about life, living and loss of life. Apparently, Stephen’s passing really brought a lot of things to mind for you and you handled your sorrow very graciously. After darkness comes the dawn and now my hope for you is to face the dawn with a smile and take on the next chaper in your life with readiness, love, peace and hope. My love to you always, Mom


    1. Thanks, Mom.

      All of the things that have been happening have had a profound effect on me, and I’m struggling, especially because most of my time is spent along.

      Not smiling right now, but all things change . . . in time.



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