Kitty Corner: Feline Hyperthyroidism

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Also see new information from the New York Times – May 16, 2017: 

The Mystery
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4 thoughts on “Kitty Corner: Feline Hyperthyroidism”

  1. Our cat has this condition. We were given three options: 1) Oral medication. 2) Topical ear medication (requires gloves). 3) Radiation. What our first vet never told us is that oral medication has “loss of appetite” as a side effect. Our cat was slowly starving to death. We did not want a “radioactive” cat in the house, so we went with the topical medication. It’s working quite well. You just have to wear plastic gloves and be very careful with it. You don’t want it to touch your skin.


    1. Thanks, Jim.

      Our vet gave us the option of oral vs. topical medication as a start, and we went with oral. For the next step, she said pills vs. surgery, not mentioning the iodine (as some sources do) or the topical med.

      Mister C is eating, but much less than he used to. I’m leaning toward surgery, which may in the long run decrease side effects and increase longevity.

      Appreciate your very quick input! Hope your guy continues to do well.



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