Kitty Corner: Toxoplasmosis – Feline Seizures & Human Precautions

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4 thoughts on “Kitty Corner: Toxoplasmosis – Feline Seizures & Human Precautions”

  1. Oh my God!! I didn’t know he had another seizure! Poor little sweetheart. I feel so bad, but I am so glad he is not going out anymore and that you have been with him when this happens. I am so grateful that he has two very loving parents and can curl up on the sofa with you. Thank you. Please tell him Grandmom loves him and give him a nice cuddle and big kiss for me. Love you.

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  2. I feel so bad for him. I wish we could talk to him and he would understand what was going on. Poor little Sweet Pea. If these continue or get worse would you continue medication? I know when Smokey and Rascal were put to rest, although it was heartbreaking, I had sort of a feeling that they were saying “Thanks, Mom”. Hopefully this won’t happen anytime soon and he will live a good life with the two of you there to pet and love him. Give him a kiss and hug from Grandmom. Love you for all you do and just because you’re you.

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    1. He is otherwise in good health and doing well, so I will continue the medication and hope he lives out the rest of his days peacefully. Of course, if I ever see him suffering, I’ll know it’s time to say goodbye. But not yet! All is well for now.


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