Happy 3rd Anniversary, Patient Path!

The Patient Path began on November 9, 2013 . . .


. . . just 5 days after I was diagnosed with uterine (endometrial) cancer.

Three years later, I am grateful to be a cancer survivor. And I want to hear more women diagnosed with this disease say the same thing.

More than 60,000 American women will develop uterine (endometrial) cancer in 2016—and 10,000 of them will die of it. Most of this disease’s victims are over the age of 60, but it can strike women of any age.

Uterine cancer doesn’t get much media attention. And if women don’t learn to recognize the risk factors and symptoms,* and get timely, proper treatment, their lives may be compromised—and even shortened.

By raising awareness of this fourth most common cancer in United States women, and the most common gynecologic cancer, we can help stop this disease from killing the organ that gives us life.

The Patient Path’s mission is to provide informative and inspiring personal stories, supplemented with well-documented, highly reliable sources of information and support. Its goal is to educate, enlighten, encourage, and empower women to be full partners with their healthcare teams. .

Please visit often for exciting updates, including more stories of uterine cancer (read how mine began here), other stories of gynecologic and breast cancer (see Diane’s Story), new media content, webinars, and live events. Also see The Patient’s Path for additional healthcare stories and resources that help all patients navigate the healthcare system.


*My only symptom was postmenopausal vaginal bleeding. Like the presidential election result of early today, November 9, 2016, uterine cancer blindsided me: I never saw it coming.

A Few Statistical Resources

American Cancer Society 

National Cancer Institute 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Foundation for Women’s Cancer

Women’s Cancer Research



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