Repost: For My Son’s Birthday – Reflections on Losing a Womb, and a Co-Parent, to Cancer

Once again this year, I am celebrating two lives on the back-to-back dates of July 17 & July 18. On this special numerological date of 7-17-17, I wish to acknowledge the passing of my son’s father three years ago today from lung cancer, and also my son’s 33rd birthday tomorrow. This onetime nuclear family gave my life a meaning that I carry forward into my current life and second nuclear family.

On a more personal note, I also acknowledge the womb I lost to cancer three-and-a-half years ago and am so thankful that it brought a son into the world who is living a fulfilling and purposeful life

I dedicate these reflections to all women, especially the moms, who have lost their wombs to cancer.

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Reflecting on Childbirth after Losing a Womb to Cancer: Part 1 – Birth

Reflecting on Childbirth after Losing a Womb to Cancer: Part 2 – After-Birth

Red, White & Blue Bouquet

My Son’s Father’s Story – Lung Cancer: The Loss of a Co-Parent

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