The Privilege of Turning 65

Until I turned 65, I thought aging was nature’s way of tormenting us for the mixed blessing of being alive, with all its joys and challenges. Now I recognize what it actually is: nature’s way of celebrating our experience of life, of giving meaning to our participation in the universe, and of providing a peek… Continue reading The Privilege of Turning 65

My Friend’s Story – Remembering Her and Her Husband with Love

Mitch had entitled this photo "Me and My Girl" REPOSTING FROM 2016 IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE PASSING OF MY CHERISHED CHILDHOOD FRIENDS Sandee Crespy Kline & Mitch Kline – A Couple Meant to Be Together Always  Original Post from 9/15/16 Mitch was my childhood friend, Sandee’s, husband. She died almost six years ago of leukemia.… Continue reading My Friend’s Story – Remembering Her and Her Husband with Love