My Friend’s Story – Remembering Her and Her Husband with Love

Me and My Girl_Cropped

Mitch had entitled this photo “Me and My Girl”


Sandee Crespy Kline & Mitch Kline –

A Couple Meant to Be Together Always 

Original Post from 9/15/16

Mitch was my childhood friend, Sandee’s, husband. She died almost six years ago of leukemia. Mitch never got over her loss, but fought to raise money to cure the disease that took her until he could no longer.

Mitch died of glioblastoma, which 60 Minutes referred to as “the most efficient, relentless cancer of the brain.” See their May 15, 2016 piece on the Duke University clinical trial using the polio virus to combat this killer cancer here

The only consolation any of us have is believing that Sandee and Mitch are reunited eternally in love. They leave the legacy of a remarkable, wonderful family and a vast number of devoted friends.

Remembering Their Family:

Daughter Malka & Son-in-Law Neria Iskhakov and Their Six Children:

Eliora Rivka, Elazar Aharon, Naftali Zvi, Sora Dvora, Miriam Esther, & Shoshana Leah

Son Evan Kline & Daughter-in-Law Ayla Tolosa-Kline

Son Jeff Kline

Brother Bruce Kline & Sister-in-Law Paula Greenberg Kline & Children Hallie & Michael

And to the Entire Crespy Family


March 31, 1974 – Still Together After More Than 40 Years

“Wherever You Will Go″

Anyone who feels inclined to make a contribution in Mitch’s honor is invited to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (a cause very dear to his heart).

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Logo


Mitchell Ross Kline

6-24-52 – 9-15-16


Northeast Times Article

Mitch Kline in 2010
Photo Taken in 2010

Sandra B. Crespy Kline

 12-6-52 — 9-27-10


Two Last Cups of Tea

Sandee Holding Her Cup - October 2009
Photo Taken in 2009

Sandee's Heart

More of Sandee’s Story

Sandee & Mitch Kline

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