Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Wishing everyone on “The Patient Path” a very happy and healthy holiday. Courtesy of my husband, Farok Contractor, I share these interesting reflections on our national day of gratitude: Second Helping: Thanksgiving Day and Globalization, a refreshed version of his November 27, 2015 post. The original post provides interesting historical perspectives and fun facts about Plimoth Colony and Plantation, an… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2016

My Story – Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer: When Negative Is Positive

 Some Post-Thanksgiving Gratitude Three weeks ago, on 11/11, I had my second repeat Pap test since getting an abnormal report in the summer. In the past, it has taken two weeks to get the results. Today marked three weeks with no phone call. . . . As I was making turkey soup today with the… Continue reading My Story – Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer: When Negative Is Positive