My Story – Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer: Life’s a Peach


The things you become aware of when you have a specific problem . . .

When I was in the doctor’s office the other day, I noticed that the ring for the restroom key (of course I had to go as soon as I arrived from an hour away) had a teal awareness ribbon–like the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. So I decided to check it out.

It seems that generally the teal ribbon represents gynecologic cancers of all sorts, but specifically it seems to be used most often to represent ovarian cancer. Peach seems to be the standard color for uterine or endometrial cancer, and the icon in this post came from Zazzle.

These images are from The Foundation for Women’s Cancer: 

Ribbons for GYN Cancer Awareness

Similar awareness ribbons are all over the web, although the color schemes seem to be in the process of standardizing. And ribbons and products related to causes have become very commercialized. See for example: Cancer Awareness Colors and Awareness Ribbon Gifts – Complete List of Awareness Ribbon Colors and Their Meanings.

Just thought this was interesting.

4 thoughts on “My Story – Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer: Life’s a Peach”

  1. Never knew that. I always wondered why the different colors. Now, because you are very inquisitive, I know. Thanks for the info. Learning all sorts of things. Love you, Mom


  2. New to me, too. The colors aren’t quite standardized depending on where you find them listed, but peach seems to be “it” for uterine cancer, just like pink is “it” for breast cancer. Teal can be used for all gynecologic cancers or more specificaly for ovarian–and maybe cervical–cancer. Always something new to learn.


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